Top Performer Profiling

Your hiring process should identify future top performers.



Drake consultants meet with your management to understand hiring needs and collect data on the skills, knowledge, and behaviours of top performers. The result — a Top Performer Profile you can integrate into your hiring, training, and succession planning processes. Drake International South Africa will then teach your HR staff how to use the assessment tools to screen and match candidates to this profile.



It is possible to verify an applicant's skills, knowledge or behavior profile before investing face time in the recruitment process.


This profiling solution removes subjectivity from the selection, development, and advancement processes, placing priority on the true drivers of success.


Drake's Top Performer Profiling solution identifies

  • Behaviours, styles, and preferences that fit your unique culture and business environment
  • Knowledge and experience top performers have
  • Skills and abilities that differentiate top performers from the rest  

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