Behavioural Assessments - Drake P3®

Because people are multi-layered.


Everyone knows that there's always a lot more to people than meets the eye.  But uncovering those hidden layers isn't easy.


87% of people leave their jobs, not because of money or better prospects, but because of personality clashes.

So getting a better picture of what new hires and current employees are really like is clearly essential if you want to keep, and get the best out of them.


In fact, we believe this is so important that we built our own personality and behavioural assessment system, Drake P3® over 40 years ago.
It’s a powerful multi-level, multi-purpose tool, specifically designed by a team of organisational psychologists not only to be as accurate as possible, but also to be as simple to understand as possible.


How does it work?

Drake P3® assesses an individual’s key personality traits, communication styles, and motivational needs, as well as their relationships to others, using our unique combination of 4 primary behavioural drivers:

Dominance Trait


Extroversion Trait


Patience Trait


Conformity Trait



This results in a comprehensive report: showing how individuals really feel they are in themselves - their Primary Profile; as well as an assessment of how they vary or ‘flex’ their behaviour when they’re at work – their Environmental Adjustment Profile.


Drake P3 report

Users are amazed by how accurately Drake P3 models their personality.

Why not test it on someone you really know, or try it yourself today:


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Once you have completed the assessment, you will see a short summary on screen, and one of our consultants will send you your full 14 page Personality Profile.



Drake P3. The essential building block for Team & Leadership Development

  • Recognising team members and their personalities can assist managers to better understand how to motivate their team, enhance team culture and advance leadership and development opportunities.
  • Drake P3 generates a wide range of individual and team reports to provide valuable insights, allowing you to identify top talent and develop team cohesion and performance


Drake P3. Gain advantage in Attraction and Hiring

By assessing personality and behaviour, you add science to the selection process looking at a candidate’s key behavioural and personality traits as well as their experience and qualifications.

Using Drake P3 to select the ‘right fit’ for a new recruit leads to a dramatic improvement in staff selection and retention, as well as enhanced teamwork, performance and productivity.


Need more insights? View our detailed brochures below. 


Drake P3 Talent Acquisition Brochure
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