Flexible Recruitment

Don’t pay a full-time salary for a part-time job. 

Does your workload fluctuate while your workforce remains the same?

Adopting a flexible recruitment strategy prevents over-staffing during slow times and under-staffing during busy times.



Determine your base of pivotal permanent workers by analysing your company's job families to discover which ones contribute the greatest value to your organisation.


You will benefit from:

  • A more flexible staff and reduced exposure to staffing constraints in times of peak operation
  • Access to a large pool of fully-assessed screened staff at very short notice
  • Avoiding the long-term responsibilities and overheads associated with permanent staff
  • A four-hour satisfaction guarantee, which ensures you are getting the right staff, who can do the job
  • A 24-hour service for those clients who work outside of standard business hours, to make sure they have the staff they need whenever the pressure is on
  • Paying only for the hours they work