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Distinguishing between multiple applicants looking the same on paper.

Whether you are making a hiring decision or investing in training, you need to accurately evaluate a person's skills, knowledge, and behaviours. This is readily done with Drake's online assessment solutions, helping to predict and shape on-the-job performance. Innovative skills assessments from Drake give you the insight you need to hire, develop, and promote the people who can make a positive difference in our organisation.



Further savings come from ensuring training dollars are not wasted teaching skills at too low or too high a level.


The DrakeWize administrative and technical skills evaluation is the ideal solution to help you assess prospective, new, and existing employees. With a suite of assessments covering over 100 Windows-based and 50 Mac-based applications, DrakeWize can accurately identify an individual's skill level in both general computer skills and a wide variety of specific computer applications. All assessments are web-based, so no special hardware or IT skills are required. DrakeWize can be fully utilised for the purpose of BEE "Equal Pay" issues and skills spend.


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