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The traits of a true leader

By David Huggins

The inevitable conclusion to be drawn is that there are as many different approaches to the role as there are people and opportunities. It’s very hard to disprove any hypothesis...

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Six Reasons to Incorporate Learning Into Your Company Culture  

By Drake Editorial Team

Employee training is a growth engine that drives individual and business success. Fostering a culture of learning is the core of a healthy organization.

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What remedies does an employer have should an employee give short notice when they resign?

By Dave Pattle

I think there is something to be said for pre-empting these scenarios (short notice) which are fairly common-place by making provision for it in the contract of employment.

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Solutions Services Presents "Transformation" Webinar Series

By Drake Editorial Team

As many of you already know, we have expanded our service offerings with the establishment of two separate divisions: Solutions Services and the Drake Training Academy. Solutions Services renders national services on all issues relating to Human Resources and Labour Law.

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10 Ways to Make your Company and Your Employees More Adaptable

By Drake Editorial Team

The working world of business as we knew it is no longer recognisable. Familiar routines have disappeared. Organisations need to accept that the world is uncertain. The critical component for companies and for employees will be the ability to be comfortable with uncertainty and be able to quickly adapt.

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5 Ways HR Can Lead the Change in Employee Well-being

By Drake Editorial Team

Around the world, employees continue to confront emotional challenges from the upheaval resulting from the pandemic.  The uncertainty of these times has increased anxiety and stress levels, as well as depression.

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