Now is the time! Changes to Terms and Conditions of Employment

Dave Pattle

Over and above considerations of funding and the phased in return to work (subject to very strict regulations, I would like to suggest that there is much to be said for taking a proactive stance in dealing with the inevitable changes to terms and conditions of employment; NOW, and not waiting for your return to work. 

....there is much to be said for taking a proactive stance in dealing with the inevitable changes to terms and conditions of employment.

There are two compelling reasons for this:

  1. The law compels employers to commence consultation with its employees as soon as it contemplates the possibility of retrenchment – hopefully this will not be necessary as an agreement will be reached in respect of the desired change to terms and conditions of employment; and
  2. For large scale retrenchments (hopefully avoidable) the employer is locked into a 60-day consultation period, which commences to run from the date the notification of such contemplation is issued to effected employees.

Many employer’s have begun to contemplate changes to terms and conditions already; the possibility exists therefore that retrenchments may result. Employers do not want to be hamstrung by a 60 day consultation period on their return to work, it may be too late.

This is complicated terrain.  We can help you.  Contact Solutions Services on dpattle@drake.co.za or 0860 22 23 24.

Alternatively, please follow the link below in respect of our Covid 19 Support Programme.


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