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Drake Editorial Team

We have overcome the first month of 2020 and by now, we should have a clearer idea of what our goals are for the year. Some of you might be thinking of a career move. When it comes to job hunting, our Drake Recruitment Consultants have a wealth of knowledge on how candidates can get the competitive edge. They share the following tips to kick-start your career this year!

TIP 1: Build a brilliant online profile

Benita Van Wyk, our Senior Consultant, based in Cape Town, has over 18 years’ experience in Recruitment and Staffing. She is a generalist recruiter with experience in various industries, who is also well versed in the traditional recruitment methods of searching and advertising for applicants. However, with the dynamic shift in social media prominence in recent years, she believes it is crucial that all candidates be aware of the role it can play in their reputation. Her words of advice are: “Keep your platforms professional”.

TIP 2: Update your resume

Benita knows that an updated resume is key in job searching. What have you accomplished in 2019? Review your achievements and projects and include them while updating your resume. Grammar and spelling are key, pay attention to proper English (Business Language). We note that people tend to list their ID and their addresses. Please remove your address, just state the area and your ID only list the first 6 numbers this is to protect you against ID fraud. Also make sure that your dates are fully listed March 2018 – March 2019, to simply state 2018-2019 can be December 2018 – January 2019, your tenure cannot be gauged.  Make sure your dates flow from your Senior Certificate to current work position. In addition, Benita states you should make sure your reason for leaving is listed and it motivates growth not money. 

Tip 3: Counter- offers

Benita advises to never accept a counter-offer from a current employer. 65% of employees who accept a counter-offer resigns within 6 months.  Counter-offers changes the relationship between your employer and yourself.  His offer of a sweater deal and your acceptance will prove that you only did it to con them out of their money and that you were never serious about leaving. This breaks the trust.  One can always go away, gain exposure and come back to a beloved employer.  Once the relationship is tarnished by trust you can never return. Ensure that you are sure to leave an organization when you start a process of looking to change jobs and stick to it.  

TIP 4: Brush up your interview skills

Whether you have an interview scheduled or not, you should always be able to answer questions in a structured and concise manner. A great tip is to review the most common interview questions and practice possible responses. This way you will always be ready when opportunities arise, shares our Senior Permanent Consultant, Belinda Corthing. Belinda is based in Durban, has over 10 years’ experience in flexible and permanent recruitment. Belinda has a keen eye for talent and is easily able to identify a candidate-company match.

TIP 5: Educate yourself

It’s never a bad idea to learn a new skill. Search for interesting courses that could give you a competitive edge. This looks great on CV’s, shares Belinda.

TIP 6: Network with the right people

The new year is a great time to reflect on close relationships and explore ways to make meaningful connections. Examine current networks and identify opportunities that could aid in your growth, says Managing Consultant, Melissa Myburgh. Melissa, from our Port Elizabeth branch, has over 14 years’ experience in recruitment and knows just how important it is to build good relationships. She believes it is the core to great service excellence.

TIP 7: Look professional

Melissa knows that first impressions and dressing professionally are key in landing your successful job.  Always look professional, it makes all the difference.  Invest in your look and it will be worth it!

TIP 8: Show Gratitude

Melissa says a quick email of thanks that emphasizes your interest and fit with the job and employer will not necessarily get you the job offer but it will help you stand out from the majority of job seekers who don’t necessarily make the effort with this simple act of courtesy.

TIP 9: Always have a positive attitude

Melissa says having both a positive attitude and outlook is extremely important.  Employers only want to hire positive and energized people.

TIP 10: Prepare for an interview

Melissa says it is vitally important to prepare for your interview before you attend it.  Do research on the company via their company website.  Go through the job profile, make notes and prepare questions to ask in the interview.  This will show the Interviewer/s that you have spent time preparing and that you are interested in the position.

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