Five Benefits of Being a Flexible, Project-Based Worker

Drake Editorial Team


In these unprecedented times, you may have found that your employment situation and financial foundation have suddenly shifted. Although this can be unsettling, the good news is that opportunities can arise from unexpected challenges. 

The first step in opening yourself up to new possibilities is looking at your life and career through a new lens. Changing your mindset and valuing yourself from a different perspective are strategic actions towards a new vision and future. 


Open new doors and get back to work 

A positive solution to connecting your personal and work values and getting back on your feet could be by working in a more flexible, project-based way. 

Transitioning from being employed by one company to working with a number of organisations helps put you in the driver’s seat when scenarios quickly change. 


Why organisations want contract workers 

Before we look at the benefits of flexible working, let’s first look at project-based workers from a company’s perspective. In a post pandemic environment, organisations will be challenged with business recovery with less permanent staff, and the urgent need to stabilise and grow their business. 

Contract workers are a perfect solution. They offer specific expertise and insights and can quickly jump in to fill skills gaps and get important work done for a determined period of time. This enables companies to manage costs by adjusting staff sizes up and down based on business requirements. 


How contract work can benefit you 

Here are five benefits of being a project-based contract worker: 


1. You enjoy a better work/life balance 

Work plays a significant part in all our lives, but its easy to get caught up in the day-to-day stresses such as competing deadlines and demands, multiple meetings, and office politics.  Choosing the work projects you want to do, when, and for whom, enables you to balance your working hours with your family responsibilities and social/leisure activities. 


2. You become personally empowered  

Identifying what success and reward looks like for you specifically puts ‘you’ in charge. You are your own boss with control over your life and work. You no longer have to be overwhelmed by the demands of your job and feeling a sense of powerlessness.  You make the positive choices that are best for you personally and professionally. 


 3. You continually learn from a wide variety of work experiences  

To be relevant, you need to continually keep up with the rapid pace of change. Executing important project work for different organisations is a never-ending and free, learning opportunity. You benefit from exploring new approaches to problem solving, finding creative solutions, while meeting new people.  If you do choose to look for a permanent career opportunity again at some point, the diversity of your background and experience provides you with a solid competitive edge. 


4. You build a network of connections  

 Working on projects for multiple organisations enables you to continue building a strong and expansive professional network. Creating a network of diverse individuals provides learning opportunities, the ability to exchange ideas, as well as inspiring creativity. Fresh thinking and new approaches to problem-solving are personally rewarding and motivational.  


 5. You showcase your ability to adapt 

Your diverse experiences also highlight your ability to adapt – a valuable quality, especially in these unprecedented times. It showcases characteristics such as resourcefulness, determination, and resiliency that are sought by employers.  Adaptability is your new competitive advantage. 


Let someone else look after the paperwork while you go to work 

The biggest hurdles when working with companies on an independent project basis are usually the need to set up a limited company, the time it takes to find project work, and liaising with each client independently. You also have to deal with any problematic payment issues.   

Or you can bypass these steps! 

At Drake, we will do the time-consuming work on your behalf. From finding and communicating with clients, determining their needs, and fulfilling their requirements, it all starts with us. 

With a streamlined engagement process, we will help you transition to fulfilling and important project work for diverse organisations who need your assistance right now. 


A lifestyle choice 

Many people working for themselves never want to go back to working for someone else. It is their lifestyle choice for freedom and flexibility.  And in today’s environment, employment does not look the same way it used to. Working independently can mean job security by providing skills that clients would be happy to pay for. 

It all starts with you, and your first project could be a phone call away. 


To find out how you can work in a flexible, project-based way, contact Drake today on: 


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