Six Reasons to Incorporate Learning Into Your Company Culture

Drake Editorial Team

Six Reasons to Incorporate Learning Into Your Company Culture

Employee training is a growth engine that drives individual and business success. Fostering a culture of learning is the core of a healthy organisation. Global industry analyst Josh Bersin stated that there is a “clear relationship between time spent learning, a person’s career satisfaction, and general happiness.” Forward-thinking organisations who invest in their people by boosting their skills, knowledge, and therefore happiness, reap productivity and retention rewards.

Here are six reasons to incorporate learning into your company culture:

  1. It demonstrates that you value your employees

People want to feel that they matter. Investing in the continued development of your employees will help ensure they don’t feel overlooked or unappreciated. Instead, they will feel supported, empowered, valued, and more willing to invest in their work and going the extra mile on your behalf.

  1. It fosters loyalty

Investing in training, development, and overall learning is a crucial way to nurture loyalty in the people that work for you. Identify the key areas where they need and want to improve. Align training programmes with organisational objectives and make the investments required. Work together to help them on their learning path. Your commitment to their development will be returned with stronger employee engagement and loyalty.

  1. It expands employees’ knowledge base

Employee productivity is directly related to the success of any organisation, and knowledgeable employees have a major impact on productivity. Providing learning pathways boosts employee confidence. They not only acquire new skills but learn how to execute their job responsibilities more quickly and easily for heightened productivity. Training also helps address any on-the-job weaknesses. Increased proficiency translates to your organisation’s operational efficiency.

  1. It decreases staff frustration

If an employee feels stunted in your organisation, they will find somewhere else to grow. Not having the opportunity to learn, or receiving adequate job training, leads to boredom, frustration, and unhappy employees. Acquiring new skills to improve performance and grow professionally bolsters enthusiasm and satisfaction. Training is the best way for employees to do their best for their company and feel their best.

  1. It increases retention rates

Making training and development an ongoing priority can inspire your top talent to stay. They are eager to learn and want a career path and opportunities.  Investing in their abilities and furthering their progress means a stronger chance of retaining their valuable institutional knowledge.  Continuous learning decreases employee turnover and drives down recruitment costs.

  1. It positively impacts your employer reputation

Being known as a company that invests in employees’ career development positively impacts your reputation as an employer of choice. Fostering a culture of continuous learning and showcasing your training opportunities is a strong competitive advantage. This supportive learning culture will attract skilled candidates and boost retention.

Today, employee training is no longer reserved for a select few, but rather, it is a company-wide growth engine that drives overall business success.  Organisations need to develop continuously. Providing learning opportunities is a vital business strategy that creates a skilled and resilient workforce for today’s challenges. Incorporating a culture of learning and making it a cornerstone of your priorities is well worth the investment.

Drake’s Training Academy is an innovator in the field of training and development. As an Accredited Training Provider registered with the Services SETA (Sector Education & Training Authority) in South Africa, our programmes are designed to build employee capability. From learnerships, short courses, skills programmes, and much more, our objective is to help you increase the competencies of your employees, keep ahead of change, and maximise performance and productivity.

To find out more about our learning and talent solutions, visit the Drake Training Academy here or contact us on 0860 22 23 24.

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