Permanent Recruitment: 12 Steps to Selection Success

Drake Editorial Team

For decades DRAKE has applied proven processes and procedures to screen, evaluate, place and retain candidates across all of its offices. DRAKE developed the following approach to our recruitment activities ensuring every candidate is a suitable match for the technical and behavioural demands of the employment opportunity. Our 12 steps to selection success include:


STEP 1: Needs Analysis and Assignment Briefing

The Drake Recruitment Consultant will qualify the staffing request and identify success factors that can be included in our sourcing and screening strategy for EXPERT. This information will determine the key skills and competencies that will drive our hiring program. 


STEP 2: Sourcing – Attracting Top Candidates

Depending on the specific skill sets, ideal candidate profile, and experience required of the position as determined during the needs analysis process, Drake has many sourcing strategies available, including:


  • Existing Drake Candidate databases
  • Employee & Client referrals
  • Networking and community groups
  • Local, national and international business groups and professional associations
  • Direct search strategies


STEP 3: Screening process – Narrowing the Candidate Field

Drake’s ideal candidate profile for EXPERT will consider the culture of your country base and workplace, level of adaptability required for relocation to the relevant country, and the overall behavioural fit required for a successful placement.


STEP 4: Assessment and Evaluation – Quantifying Skills & Competencies

Drake employs a structured evaluation process to determine the hard and soft skill capabilities of our employees. These programs identify the candidate’s strengths and areas for improvement, as well as providing a numeric score allowing for easy candidate to candidate comparison. Our behavioural assessments are straightforward, simple to use and easy to interpret.


STEP 5: Interviewing Techniques – Determining Candidate Capabilities

Drake uses interview questionnaires which incorporate Behavioural Description Interviewing and situational questions, to ensure that each candidate is evaluated fairly and that the strengths and weaknesses of each individual are identified and documented.  Our Recruitment Consultants probe any responses that are vague or ambiguous to capture an accurate reflection of the candidate’s skills, abilities and experiences.


STEP 6: Reference Check Process – Past Performance Indicators

Our standard reference check process is an investigation of a candidate’s employment history and a confirmation of roles, responsibilities, remuneration, reporting, learning abilities, and rehire status.  Criminal background checks and ITC (where required) are done as part of the reference checks.


STEP 7: Selection and Placement

Following our extensive screening process, the Recruitment Consultant has validated documentation of the candidate’s capabilities, skills and on-the-job performance. 

The Recruitment Consultant utilises this wealth of data when determining the best fit individuals to refer to EXPERT.  All reference results are available for review by the hiring manager prior to the extension of an offer to a Drake candidate on request.


STEP 8: Quality Assurance Program

Our Quality Control (QC) program offering for EXPERT will be service calls over the guarantee period.


For more details on how we can customise our recruitment process to reflect your needs, please speak to your Drake Consultant.


STEP 9: Reference Checking

Drake will tailor and conduct the reference process to meet your key criteria and job requirements.


These checks help you confirm information on the candidate's application form and resumes. You will also gain greater insights into the candidate's skills, knowledge, and abilities from someone who has actually observed the candidate perform.


STEP 10: Final Shortlist

Drake will present our top performer candidates and consult with you on final selection. This is the stage where the top candidate for the position will be selected and discussions regarding the offer to the candidate will commence.


STEP 11: Offer Negotiation

Once the candidate has been selected and the offer to the candidate discussed and finalised, Drake will then present the offer to the candidate and commence with negotiations. If the candidate has any queries pertaining to the offer, Drake will be the point of contact between the candidate and your company. This process will continue until both parties are completely satisfied with the outcome of the offer.


STEP 12: After Placement Service

Drake will remain in contact with both the candidate and your company by providing new hire integration advice. The new employee’s progress will be monitored by Drake to ensure maximum performance. During this time, our after-placement service should assist in reducing the number of days it takes for the new hire to contribute to your bottom line.



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