Need extra hands? Book a Drake temp today!

Drake Editorial Team


We specialise in recruiting top talent for your organisation. We leverage our national network to find the best temporary staff when you need them.

Gain access to our full roaster of Drake candidates that are fully screened and assessed, ready at a moment's notice.



You will benefit from:

  • Access to a large pool of fully-assessed and screened staff at short notice.
  • Paying only for the hours they work.
  • Compensation Insurance covered by Drake.
  • Avoiding the long-term responsibilities and overheads associated with permanent staff.
  • A 24-hour service and 4 hour satisfaction guarantee, ensuring your organisation gets the attention you need when the pressure is on.

Let's get personal

David Huggins

The lesson here for business leaders is clear - leadership is not a right, a role or a responsibility – it’s a relationship....

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Bad customer service: “it’s the people, stupid” or...

Drake Editorial Team

In my previous blog entries I have argued about the validity of the People > Service > Profit idea and about the importance of Hiring Right. 

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Don’t Take New Hires For Granted

Bill Lee

Hiring good people is only half the battle. The other half is keeping them, especially in a relatively strong economy where quality people are difficult to attract.

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