How to Work from Home: Tips to staying focused and productive

Drake Editorial Team

With the global Covid-19 pandemic forcing companies to work remotely, many of us are facing a new challenge: working from home. This comes with its own set of challenges and can take some getting use too. We have compiled a list of tips to ensure that you are successful, not only with work but in maintaining good mental well-being.


1. Have a separate work space.

Ideally you should create a separate area dedicated to work. American online magazine, The Verge, encourages a separate room, small desk or laptop placed at the end of a kitchen table. This mimics an office space and allows one to mentally prepare for work mode.


2. Set real work hours.

Now that you have your work space set up, set specific business or work hours, says Nextiva, the business communication software company. Enforce your "home time" at the end of the day where you can distance yourself from work. This will prevent you from overworking yourself.


3. Use a planner.

A great tip to keep you on track and to execute tasks efficiently is to use a planner. Write down and keep track of deadlines, appointments and meetings.


4. Engage with co-workers regularly.

This encourages the normality of an office environment, don’t work in isolation. Reach out, engage and communicate with your co-workers often.


5. Exercise and eat healthy meals.

Without a vaccine, none of us can eliminate our risk of contracting the coronavirus. Eating as healthily as possible is important not only for our physical health, but our psychological well-being too. A healthy diet has been shown to reduce our risk of chronic illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity, as well as depression and anxiety, states EcoWatch.


6. Take short breaks

Social Triggers state that breaks spark creative ideas and new solutions. Taking breaks helps you stay focused over long periods of time. Taking short breaks every now and then helps you re-focus on your big-picture goals.


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