Drake's Covid Crew - A bespoke solution

Drake Editorial Team

Introducing Covid Crew- our bespoke solution.

We have established a bespoke solution in the form of a COVID Crew. 

Based on Covid-19 regulations and Occupational health & safety compliance, we can assist you in meeting those requirements by deploying our COVID crew. The primary aim of the crew will be to assist employers in meeting their H&S requirements.

Why choose DRAKE?

1. Drake International has 69 years’ experience in the recruitment industry and brings a wealth of valuable knowledge and insights.


2. Drake International South Africa has 5 branches nationally with 2 satellite offices, enabling us to assist wherever you are.


3. We believe in partnering with our clients in providing customised solutions to solve specific business issues.


Need Assistance? Email our Solutions Division on dpattle@drake.co.za or nrichings@drake.co.za


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